Productivity Consultation

  • Do you get to the end of the day and wonder what you’ve achieved?
  • Do you have a niggling feeling that you could be more effective than you are?

So many of us, particularly small business owners, work long hours – or just longer hours than we want to, achieving less than we want to. We’re busy and stressed.

People I met were going round in circles trying to improve their own productivity alone but didn’t feel they needed a full Productivity Programme. As a result I created the Productivity Consultation: 1-hour session with a productivity expert, resulting in practical advice for your personal challenges, plus a 30-minute follow-up session.

My business is going from strength to strength I’ve also had more free time to enjoy other aspects of my life.

Caroline Hart, Kent Life Coach

Photo of Caroline Hart, the Kent Life Coach

You can achieve more whilst working less hours. Get to the end of the day and feel satisfied with what you have accomplished. Feel more ‘on top’ of everything. Choose what you do, rather than just react, being pulled from pillar to post.

Small Business Efficiency

Have you ever considered how poor productivity impacts your outputs, and therefore profitability? Imagine what your business could achieve, the lives you would be improving, by being more productive.

There are thousands of books, podcasts and blogs on productivity, with millions of suggestions. Finding the advice that works for you, your personality, technical skills, and your business is the challenge.

A Productivity Consultation enables you to discuss your needs with someone who knows this information and can match the right advice to you, saving you time and effort doing research and trying techniques that aren’t right for you.

After a productivity consultation, you will:

  • Achieve more whilst working the hours you want to
  • Be more effective
  • Waste less time
Mark Nicholson, who has worked with Emma at Bramley Business Solutions, who gave him business solutions for small business

Emma took me from a total state of disorganisation to a now completely methodical, logical working practice which I love!

Mark Nicholson, Alpha 2 Zeta

A Productivity Consultation costs £95 and involves:

  • you filling in a short questionnaire, to ensure that the consultation is spent discussing your productivity problems which have the biggest impact on your life
  • a 60-minute video session, resulting in practical solutions for you to implement
  • 10 days later we’ll have a 30-minute follow-up session to discuss the changes you have made and make any adjustments based on your experience, ensuring that this personal advice is effective for you

The Productivity Consultation is not for you if you’re not willing to change the way you work, or if you just want to be reassured that you’re trying your best. I’m sure you are. But I want to make a difference and empower you to be the best you can be!

I’d like a Productivity Consultation

Not enough?

Do you think you need more than one short session? Have a look at the Productivity Programme to really build great habits.

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