Productivity Programme

“Productivity” – noun: the rate at which a company makes goods or delivers a service.

Productivity limits what we can achieve every day. Being productive allows you to spend your time doing what you want to, or on truly valuable activities, rather than endless “working”. Wouldn’t it be better to spend that time with your loved ones/hobby/on a beach? The real question is, do you have time not to be productive?

I can help you to be the most efficient and organised version of yourself, enabling you to achieve your potential.

The Productivity Programme is a 1-hour, one-on-one video call each week for 4 weeks.  There’s no single productivity system that works for everyone, so during this course I’ll work with you to identify and develop the productivity techniques and approaches that suit you.

Researching productivity online and through books will give you loads of information, and thousands of techniques to try – which can be overwhelming and will take you a lifetime to find what works for you.

 Having regular sessions with Emma has been the best decision I have ever made! She is the most organised person I know and has sorted out my business systems and myself, so both are becoming more streamlined.

Anne Bayati, Anne Bayati Hypnotherapy

Anne Bayati of Anne Bayati Hypnotherapy who receivedbusiness solutions for small business

The Productivity Programme will:

  • identify the right information and techniques for you
  • enable you to practice and refine those techniques
  • improve your productivity across all aspects of your business
  • enable you to take control of your business – in just 4 weeks

Would you rather spend the next 10 years working the way you’ve always done, or spend 4 hours learning to do that work in far less time? What would you do with that free time?

For just £495, the Productivity Programme will provide you:

  • Personal, one-on-one support
  • Video call every week to steadily introduce and practice new productivity techniques
  • Means of conquering your ‘time bandits’ which steal your time
Sally Beare of Riverford

 I run a small but busy business on my own and was feeling overwhelmed with work. My business is still busy, still growing, but I feel much calmer, more organised and more in control. I highly recommend Emma.

Sally Beare, Riverford Tunbridge Wells

Getting organised allows your business to support your life, not run your life. When you are productive, you’ll be able to look at your goals and know you can achieve them. You’ll know what you can get done this week, month, quarter. You’ll do it quicker than you used to spend on achieving much less. Imagine the confidence that will give you, and what you could do with the energy you’re no longer spending on getting the minimum done.

To be successful, you need to work at this programme. You need to be willing to change. You need to be willing to try doing things differently. You need to commit a little time to learn the skills to be more productive.

Waiting List

I am currently fully booked and not taking on new 1:1 clients. I will be taking on new clients in a few months, so you are welcome to express your interest and join the waiting list.

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You can learn my tools and techniques in the meantime through my online course, The Organised Coach Method.

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Emma took me from a total state of disorganisation to a now completely methodical, logical working practice which I love!

Mark Nicholson, Alpha 2 Zeta

Mark Nicholson, who has worked with Emma at Bramley Business Solutions, who gave him business solutions for small business

If the Productivity Programme is not what you need yet, these alternatives might be more up your alley:

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