Success Stories

I am proud of my work and I love it.

Read what my clients have to say about our work together and their success stories.

Emma Langridge, founder of Bramley Business Solutions who has many success stories

Business Process Support Success Stories

Work smarter not harder

I was very impressed by her attention to detail, professionalism and friendliness and she helped my business systems become more organised and efficient, so that I am able to spend less time on admin now. I would highly recommend working with Emma if you are a small business that needs organising to make you work smarter not harder!

Sarah Weller, The Weller Way

sarah weller weller way
Emily Foster, founder of Glowing Potential

My workload is now manageable

Emma is an absolute star. She helped me to organize my thoughts as well as the procedures in my business. My most complex projects are now streamlined bringing my workload to a level that is much more manageable. Thank you to Bramley Business Solutions.

Emily Foster, Glowing Potential

Empowered to achieve

Emma is practical, thorough and helpful; I highly suggest any small business might become more efficient with Emma’s input. Bramley Business Solutions have enabled me to master the system which had perplexed me, previously. Thanks to Emma’s guidance I now feel empowered to produce my weekly newsletters, as I’d envisaged in my own marketing plan.

Lisa Beaumont, Lisa Beaumont Marketing

Photo of Lisa Beaumont, of Lisa Beaumont Marketing Marketing
Photo of Jason Leigh, owner of Steamed Egg VR

The most knowledgable person I’ve come across

Emma brings clarity to cloudiness. She lives her product and is the most knowledgeable person I’ve come across when it comes to creating practical, useful systems for our business. With her help we’ve been able to make huge advances on key operational process using her insights and having her as a sounding board. Thank you Emma and I’m excited to work on more projects with you this year!

Jason Leigh, Steamed Egg VR

Productivity Success Stories

Feeling more in control

I run a small but busy business on my own and was feeling overwhelmed with work. We are growing fast and I was struggling with my work/life balance. I went through Emma’s Productivity Programme with her and found it very useful. Much of what Emma suggests is simple common sense – but I hadn’t thought of it! Also, knowing that next time we spoke Emma would ask if I had implemented the changes we agreed helped encourage me to follow through. My business is still busy, still growing, but I feel much calmer, more organised and more in control. I highly recommend Emma.

Sally Beare, Riverford Tunbridge Wells

Sally Beare of Riverford
Helen Prosper, owner of Live Well and Prosper

Made everything super simple

Emma has taken me out of the dark ages of paper and pencil into the world of spreadsheets with an ease I never could have thought possible. Emma really spent time getting to understand what I needed and made sure it would be utterly user friendly and suit my way of working. She was patient in her teaching and made everything super simple, possible and TIME EFFICIENT! Oh Yeah. I am one happy and extremely grateful customer.

Helen Prosper, Live Well and Prosper

Accountability Success Stories

Absolutely thrilled

I just received my certificate of graduation this afternoon from Emma’s ‘Bramley Business Solutions Accountability Programme’. I am absolutely thrilled at just how good it was! Emma took me from a total state of disorganisation to a now completely methodical, logical working practice which I love! I needed a kick up the backside and Emma was the right person for the job! I would highly recommend her services to anyone, she is a pleasure to learn from and has set me on a path to discovering a freedom of time I never knew existed before the programme! Thank you so much Emma!

Mark Nicholson, Alpha 2 Zeta

Mark Nicholson, who has worked with Emma at Bramley Business Solutions, who gave him business solutions for small business
Anne Bayati of Anne Bayati Hypnotherapy who receivedbusiness solutions for small business

Best decision I ever made!

Having Emma onboard has been the best decision I have ever made! She is the most organised person I know and has sorted my business systems and myself out so both are becoming more streamlined. I wish I could keep her permanently in my pocket for whenever I need her, as every business needs an Emma to keep everything on track. I would highly recommend her.

Anne Bayati, Anne Bayati Hypnotherapy

Business Coaching Success Stories

Turning ideas into actions

As most of the dentists are terrible business people, I got in touch with Emma to finally sort my business out. She is very good on what she does, extremely professional and helped me immensely producing a Business Plan with all the directions to follow, to improve my organisational skills and to put all my ideas into the real context of running my business. I wish every single dentist could have the opportunity to benefit from Emma’s sterling job! Ever so grateful and satisfied client.

Dr Alex Guilherme, Dr Super Smile Dentist

Dr Alex Lass, Dentist, who is a client of Emma and have received business solutions for small business
Graham Hobbs of Clockhouse Productions

Significant improvements

Emma sat down with us, and through a process of enquiry and research came up with a strong, business focused plan with actions to implement across many areas of our business. There were immediate benefits as some of the suggested process changes were put in place before our meeting was even finished.  Although the bulk of what needs doing will now be down to us to finalise, I know that Emma will be on-hand to help with useful advice and suggestions.

I have no hesitation in recommending BBS as your “business improving” partner, we’ve seen significant improvements to our business processes since engaging with Emma.

Graham Hobbs, Clockhouse Productions

The difference that having someone to turn to can make

Emma is a business angel. Nothing is too big or small she simply understands the business of being in business. As an entrepreneur we go into business because we are passionate about our topic and love the work we do, only to discover that to be effective we also have to be good at loads of other aspects of running a business – YIKES!

One of the best decisions I ever made was asking for help. Having someone like Emma at my side has saved me hours of time and heaps of frustration. There is a cost, but the cost in money far outweighs the negative cost that trying for hours to work something out or procrastinating and avoiding those tasks you like least. This means I’m in a better position to look after my customers. My business is going from strength to strength I’ve also had more free time to enjoy other aspects of my life.

She’s efficient and nice too – why not give it a try yourself and discover the difference that having someone to turn to can make for your business.

Caroline Hart, Kent Life Coach

Photo of Caroline Hart, the Kent Life Coach

Other Success Stories

Sarah Williamson of Gatehouse Inventories photo

Coming back again next year

Emma at Bramley Business Solutions stepped in to help Gatehouse Inventories with management this year during our very busy summer period. Emma is incredibly fast, capable and professional. I felt confident leaving the running of the business in her hands. She is proactive and a problem solver. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Sarah Williamson, Gatehouse Inventories