Practical solutions for small businesses

Bramley Business Solutions makes it easier for you to do business. It is run by me, Emma Langridge, an award-winning business consultant specialising in bespoke, personal service, improving the practicalities of running your small business.

After running my successful consultancy for several years I’ve taken a permanent position as Head of Operations at EPG Health, an IQVIA business. As a result I am not taking on clients at the moment, but I know that a lot of people appreciate using my resources so I’m keeping this content live to help you maximise your time and your business.

Download as many resources as you like. If you would like to share them, please send the webpage to download rather than the files themselves.

Annual Review Workbook

Download your Annual Business Review Workbook, ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses wanting to:

  • make the most of your last year
  • know why you’re actually amazing
  • make informed plans for the next year and awesome goals

Ultimate Small Business Checklist

Download your Ultimate Small Business Checklist to keep track of all the important weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks – and watch your business thrive.

Weekly Planner for Coaches

Download your printable weekly planner for coaches to plan your organised week – and watch your business thrive.

Masterclass: How to maximise your time – 3 habits of successful coaches

This 40-minute, instant access masterclass will take you through the top 3 strategies of successful coaches from a productivity expert.

Business Overview Guide

Download your Business Overview Guide, ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses wanting to get an overview of their business and write their own processes.

SMARTY goals eBook

Download your SMARTY goals eBook to refer to whenever you set your own goals and achieve more than ever before.

7 step guide: simple writing process for non-writers

You can download my Writing Process Checklist which has prompting questions, steps and ideas for you to use when you are next writing – I made it for myself and thought that other entrepreneurs might find it handy too.

Bramley Blog

Head over to the Bramley Blog for tips and advice on even more topics, such as productivity, marketing, organisation, technology and more.

The Organised Coach Method

Not free I’m afraid; a resource designed for coaches after working with them for years. Find out more!

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