Tips and ideas for organising your business.

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4 reasons to make a weekly plan

I am a huge fan of weekly planning. My top 4 reasons you should be making a weekly plan will explain how putting this system in place will benefit you tenfold.

How to maximise your time

Find out how to maximise your time by tracking how long tasks take, and what you spend your time doing for a week.

Why your brain will thank you for making a to do list

Did you know that writing down your to dos down will help your brain perform better? We explain why your brain will thank you for making a to do list.

GDPR compliance and marketing for small businesses

GDPR compliance is a requirement of all businesses, whatever size or sector you might be in. Even Sole Traders need to make sure they comply. I often liken it to an Insurance policy, it’s one of those things that’s a pain to sort out but if you haven’t got it in place and something goes wrong, it could be a very costly mistake!

Why should you invest time in organising your emails?

The benefits of organising your emails, from saving time to feeling more organised in your business. Let’s reduce your email overwhelm so you feel calm, confident and in control.

The key to getting organised

What is the most important skill you need as a business owner in order to get organised? The key to getting organised is inside…

The pleasure of being an organised coach

The 5 main areas to make the biggest improvement to the business and life of a coach.

How I run my business with Trello – the amazing digital planner

Have a sneak peek into the inner workings of Bramley Business Solutions. How I run my business with Trello to manage my workload and plan my time.

GDPR for small business – what should you be doing?

Guest Blog: GDPR compliance is a requirement of all businesses, whatever size or sector. Find out what you need to do in this article.

Business checklists will supercharge your world, and this is why

Checklists seem to have a reputation as being for silly people who forget things – not at all! Download your free Ultimate Business Checklist.

Best small business annual review to make the most of 2020

Get your free downloadable workbook and guidance on how to do your small business annual review.

10 reasons digital to do lists are brilliant and how to start now

Notebooks are lovely, but the time has come to use a digital to do list. Read 10 reasons why and get the confidence to start using online programs.

Clear your inbox in 3 minutes

If you only change one setting in your inbox, do this. This 3-minute trick will clear your inbox so you can be your best, not be ruled by your inbox and have a calmer email experience.

7 step guide: simple writing process for non-writers

Following a process can make writing easier. This article includes a downloadable Writing Process Checklist which has prompting questions, steps and ideas for you to use when you are next writing.

How often should I check my emails?

Emails can take up a lot of time and energy – but they don’t have to. This article explains simple email management tips so you can take back control.

The Secret to Better Time Management

Time is precious when you run your own business. Everyone is capable of great time management – find out the secret, and the 7 best time management tips, in this article.

How to work fewer hours

As business owners we are desperately enthusiastic that our businesses do well and will work silly long hours to achieve it. It is possible to work fewer hours on your business, and this article will tell you how.

Zoom: what you really need to know

Zoom is a great video call program most people have used. How can you Zoom better? This article covers what you really need to know – the important stuff, like looking fab.

The 4 Principles of Effective Working from Home

Whatever your current reason, effective working from home is a great skill to have. Learn the 4 principles to enable you to successfully make the most of it.

The key to business success: a healthy diet

Use the 4 core principles of a healthy diet to control your finances and create your business success. Guest blog by Michelle Manuel from Her Wealth IQ.

Welcome to the Joy of Batching

Batching can save you time and improve the quality of your work. Read this article to learn the beautiful simplicity of how it works and start batching today!

SMARTY Goals: Why goal setting isn’t pointless

Setting goals is a valuable tool when running a business. Learn about SMARTY goals and how they can help you in this article.

Tip of the Week: 2019 Compilation

Ever wondered when to do your tough jobs? Pondered how to make emails less stressful? Fancy some bite-sized tips on productivity? Then Tip of the Week is for you!

7 ways to make your small business more efficient

A quick read: start achieving more in less time with 7 tips for saving time and running your small business more efficiently.

Software for Small Businesses: A Quick-Start Guide

This article aims to help entrepreneurs find the right software for small businesses, to improve your efficiency and deliver professional results.

How to Improve SEO: simple steps for real results

This article is for small businesses who want to know what Search Engine Optimisation is and the basics of how to improve SEO themselves.

How to Organise Files to Save Time and Stress

Organised folders mean you can find all files within seconds, removing stress. Read this article to find out how to organise files for calm, easy file finding.

Challenge Yourself

Emma Langridge climbed The O2 8 times as part of The O2 Challenge, this is how it went, what was learnt, and why it is good to challenge yourself.

Process documentation: should small businesses bother?

Yes, small businesses should have process documentation. In this article we discuss why, what process documents look like, and how to create your own.

10 Top Tips to Improve Productivity

Improve productivity with the 10 ideas in this engaging infographic. Productivity allows you to achieve more in less time. Pick one to try today!

How to go on holiday when running a small business

How to go on holiday when you run a small business is hard – do you try to carry on as usual from the sun lounger? Read how it is possible to take that break.

Your Brilliant Business Overview

A Business Overview enables you to have clarity of your processes. Find out how to create and improve processes in your business with this article.

How to Plan the Next Year for Success

What an exciting time of year! A great opportunity to plan the next calendar year. “No matter what stage your business is at you should review progress and look at your strategy every year,” says business planning expert Russell Streeter of Excelsior Business Development.

Annual business review: how did this year go for you, really?

Take some time to review your past year, learn from it, and make next year even better. Follow this guide to do your annual business review.

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