The Key To Getting Organised

The key to getting organised

What is the most important thing you need as a business owner in order to get organised?

I specialise in working with entrepreneurs and supporting them in growing their business. Every day I help business owners like you get more organised in a variety of ways: implementing processes, looking at time management, and identifying, setting up, and training you in the right tools for your business.

So what is the key to getting organised?

  • A digital task management application like Trello? You can find out more about how I use Trello in my business here
  • Better time management habits? I share my top tips about this here
  • Business checklists? You can read more about how to supercharge your business with checklists here

There is no doubt that these are all great tools, as you can see they are all methods I recommend and use in my business.

However they are nothing without the right mindset.


Mindset is the first step towards being organised and productive. Mindset is everything. All the techniques and processes in the world won’t help if you just don’t want to do the task.

Mindset is the Key To Getting Organised

You have to really want to be organised and productive for this to happen. This needs to be sustained, not just when you are in Spring Clean mode, full of enthusiasm and ready to tackle it all head-on. That mindset needs to be in place for when it is harder, when you are tired and busy, when you could so easily just ‘wing it’ or save all your files in the downloads folder because filing is boring.

I cannot motivate you to get organised. Nor can anyone else. It needs to come from within. Everyone is motivated by their own reasons.

Find your why

In order to find the correct mindset, you need to identify your reasons for wanting to get organised. What has led you to a point where you are reading this article? What has prompted you to find out how to get organised?

For many clients, it is prompted by negative feelings. They are fed up with feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. They have had enough of the frustration and time wasted when they cannot find the right document, or feel their systems aren’t supporting them.

The benefits of being more organised

It is then about remembering those feelings and then channeling them into all the positives you could gain by finally being more organised:

  • More time to serve your clients
  • More fee earning hours
  • Feeling great about yourself
  • Feeling confident, capable and in control 
  • More time for you

Running a business and admin can take a lot less time and stress – I want you to believe that you can do things differently and you can focus more on serving your clients.

How to maximise your time - 3 habits of successful coaches

How to maximise your time – 3 habits of successful coaches

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